Adam Charles Eckert

"While Sitting Back And Relaxing To Watch The World Go By, I Was Moved" - P.C.E.


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I love road trips, hiking, camping and more—exploring the world in any way I can.



Always looking at the world with a beginner's mind, trying to not let our most valuable resource fly by.



Sail away with me. I'm a dreamer using my words to express myself. I am planning to publish my book of poetry in 2017.



The possibilities are endless. One person is all it takes. I'm a hard worker! I do whatever is required to keep moving forward and upward.

Indiana University

Indiana University

I graduated from Indiana University in 2015. Philosophy Major. Psychology Minor. English Creative Writing Minor.

Open To Opportunities

Open To Opportunities

I'm always looking for the next direction to head in. I am open to all opportunities and welcome the unexpected.


Adam Charles Eckert

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, GPA 3.70
Major: Philosophy
Minors: Psychology, Creative Writing
• Member of National Honor Society: Phi Sigma Theta
• Dean’s list and 4.0 GPA for final three semesters leading up to graduation

Roncalli High School, Indianapolis, IN
• GPA 3.50
• Student of the Year Award for Theatre Arts Senior Year
• Volunteered at the Lord’s Pantry on Saturday Mornings
• Assisted Johnson County Animal Shelter with daily tasks once a month
• Participated in neighborhood cleanup for Angels of the Heart each year

Three Winds, LLC – Fort Wayne, IN
• Nurtured Company from conception, created product line, including designs and descriptions
• Planted a tree for each product sold to help reforestation efforts

Cibus – Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, IN
Server/Assistant Chef
• Acquired all skills necessary to run a kitchen and dining area
• Served anywhere from 100 – 2000 soldiers twice per day
• Learned complete processes of preparation, serving, and cleanup

Little Caesars – Indianapolis, IN
Crew Member
• Worked in kitchen preparing and producing high quantities of pizza under strict time constraints
• Attracted consumers to the store and promoted sales

Orchard and Royal Oak Golf Clinics – Greenwood, IN
Golf Pro Assistant
• Assisted Golf Pro in teaching technique to kids in summer junior clinics
• Helped greens keeper to maintain driving range, greens and tee boxes
• Cleaned and returned golf carts after corporate golf outings

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  • Somewhere In Indiana

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    Will you sit with me by the water tonight? We can dabble our toes in the ripples, lay the sun down to the strum of acoustic flowers and dance like cottonwood seeds. Darling, you are the mint under my tongue. We could sit here forever and I will have traveled the world with you. We tie our fingers together and laugh about the lemon looks we used to sour on for hours. We are tomorrow together, next week and next year, I’ll be gone and thinking about tonight, how you lit up that room like a candle when you passed through, you blew me away like the wish on the day you were born.
    Fresh Breath

    Fresh Breath

    Adam Eckert
    I’m carefully looking through two burnt edge boxes of aging videocassettes stacked at the end of my bed Note: Looking for remnants of yourself in a box feels like standing barefoot in a bucket of blueberries I’m longing to go back to the place I was forced to stay when I did something wrong I guess I wish I would have done something bad enough to be grounded for good barefoot in a bucket I didn’t know I was fermenting I needed clarification how the berries became the wine rewinding little reminder boxes searching for something like a note to explain the way I feel explain the way I am explain the man I have become.


    Adam Eckert
    Lady of the night, my pixie blue, you are gorgeous and dripping. We used to tell shivering secrets under umbrella trees around midnight. Queen of the night, my vanishing moon, you eat insects for artillery and jade. Do you remember the white velvet valley where we could be firecracker flowers and splash golden stars? Tiger jaws, you are my fiddle leaf, a butcher’s broom couldn’t keep you away, or sweep you away, sweetness. My shaded sundew, my rambling rose, you swallow baby tears like spoonful’s of cinnamon and cringe at the fluttering of little wings.
    Fly Trap

    Fly Trap

    Adam Eckert

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