Adam Charles Eckert

“While sitting back and relaxing to watch the world go by, I was moved”


Analyze, plan & invest. Founder @mvemint. Building smart portfolios. Catalyst driven options strategies. Identifying and sharing market movement on Twitter & Instagram.

Creative Content

Creativity keeps me alive. I have a strong background in music and poetry which influences my creative content, product descriptions, logo and web design today.


I am very passionate about music. Playing guitar, collecting vinyls, restoring musical equipment, recording songs, creating software tracks, writing lyrics, etc. Music is stellar!


I am a thinker, a dreamer, and an opportunist. I would love to hear your ideas! I am passionate about entrepreneurship and would thoroughly enjoy chatting with you and offering advice or potentially getting involved.



Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you – Walt Whitman

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler – Albert Einstein


It hard for me to balance my multitude of passions. I studied Philosophy, Psychology, and Creative Writing. I pride myself on my ability to think. I seek balance within my ongoing endeavors. 

Beyond The Rails

I wonder about the world

the things we think

we know

the things that we forget


I’m writing you on my hand again


how all of the things

that seem gone

have become part of us


how every day is tomorrow

before today

and yesterday, tomorrow 


we are as ghost as gravity 

life—a cold moon

lit shoulder

and aren’t we all just falling

stars with nothing to hold onto

but each other


disappearing like darkness

at dawn—we dance

to the slowing drum

of our dying hearts—

dashing through 

life like midnight trains

We were different days of the week

for love (poems) and loose leaf (paper)

I’m writing to you from

the last day of summer


from the last


wild flowers

kissing my ankles


from the last drop of love

in a bottle


Don’t Drink Me


we lived in the space between

sock and slipper


two loose shoelaces

in the bloom 

of a shoe



and each time

I can feel you




in the wrinkles

of my palms


you held tightly

the taste of loss

pinching the little

bones in your hand 

the melody of our memories—

broken to notes


darling, we were dancing to burn

I Fell In Love With You Tomorrow

Over and over

I’m riding kisses

through the bell hills

of your snow white lips

hiding in the silver

charm around your neck

hanging like an ornament

on the bare tree line of your


I think I am trying to tie together 

pieces of something that never was—

the way that people

find shapes in the stars

little dipper—I wrote you

a goodbye letter and I

didn’t know it

I’m still orbiting the horizon

in our closet of comets

dressed in dreams

we never had

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